Friday, May 15, 2020

DisneyBounding Style Guide: Dole Whip Diva

It's always the best feeling in the world when people ask me where I got my Disney outfits from or how I put them together. I typically go for a vintage style look

This will be the first of a DisneyBounding style guide series. Each photo of an item is a link taking you to the item with pricing as well. Enjoy! :)

Total Cost:$56.98

*prices have since varied since time of original purchase

Outfit pieces from Amazon & Mistys Mouse Ears on Etsy.

The Key is to put together a vision in your mind and search until you find it!

Whenever I'm putting together a bound I try to think of a simple base to create the look and go from there (ex: skirt and top or a dress)

The Skirt: I knew that I wanted something pineapple to explain the flavor. I literally typed in Pineapple Skirt and got this!

 Pineapple Skirt
Pineapple Skirt $12.99-$19.99

For the top, I knew I wanted something ruffly to remind us of the whipped soft serve goodness!

Body Suits are great at the parks because they stay down and don't bunch up under your skirt

Now its time to look for Ears or a headpiece! I googled "Dole Whip Ears" on Etsy and found these!
 Dole Whip Ears


Add a little flair to your outfit with matching shoes (don't forget your insoles) and a fluffy petticoat!
White Shoes $36.86                            Petticoat $10.99

Maybe you can get all your friends to join in and make a FRUIT SALAD? Hope you have enjoyed :) 

Nikki XX

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